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Binding Services in Bloomington, IN

At White Rabbit Print & Design in Bloomington, IN, we offer binding services to tie your projects together for user-friendly convenience. Say goodby to staples, cumbersome clips, or loose-leaf folders, and give your products a professional look they deserve. Presentation and perception are everything. If your materials look high-quality and easy to use, they reflect positively on you and your brand. Go the extra mile for your customers and visit us for binding services on your next print project.

binding example

Types of Binding

There are several different binding processes and applications for printed materials, and each poses benefits depending on the type of literature being bound. At our print shop, we focus on two types of bonding to meet the goals of our commercial business partners.

  • Spiral Binding – This method involves holes punched into all of the pages with wire or plastic used in a spiral fashion to fasten them all together. This is a style many people are familiar with as it is used with most notebooks.
  • Comb Binding – This style gets its name from the technique used to fasten pages together. A rounded plastic comb’s teeth are inserted into rectangular-shaped holes in all of the pages to hold them together. This device allows pages to be easily added or removed to the document for updating.

Binding Pricing at White Rabbit Print & Design

Whether you choose spiral or comb binding, we offer affordable rates to meet you at any stage of your project. We can print and bind, or if you already have your documents ready, we can do just the binding with your choice of technique. Pricing starts at $.25 for black and white printing and $.50 for color printing.

Print & Spiral Binding
Print & Comb Binding
Spiral or Comb Binding

Why Use Our Binding Service?

The great thing about the print binding services at White Rabbit Print & Design in Bloomington, IN is the convenience it brings to every project. With spiral and comb binding, your materials will lay flat when opened, sheets will be fastened individually, and users won’t have to deal with the annoyance of losing their place. These benefits make our binding ideal for training manuals, employee handbooks, patient self-care publications, cookbooks, and more. Visit us today to get your binding project underway.

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